WUSC First Meeting 2010/11

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Happy new year!

I hope you are as excited as I am for a new and eventful year with WUSC at the University of Alberta. We have several events lined up this year to promote the Millennium Development Goals, social justice, equality, refugee rights, women’s rights, maternal health and more. Be sure to come out to our first meeting on September 8 at 5pm in Humanities Centre 237.

On another note, I recently returned form the WUSC Leadership summit in Ottawa last weekend. It was a gathering of some amazing leaders from across the country, facilitated by wonderful members of WUSC’s incredibly hard working staff. There was training that ranged from WUSC 101 to team building, effective recruiting and some excellent networking. This is only one of several travelling and networking opportunities that getting involved with the University of Alberta’s WUSC Local Committee will get you!

WUSC University of Alberta sends a representative every year to this leadership summit. The representative must be elected to an executive position for the following year in order to be eligible for the summit. This year, I was the representative, and I have brought back both, knowledge as well as resources for an exciting year ahead. Come out to our two next meetings and learn about WUSC, the leadership summit, and what you can do to support WUSC and Uniterra campaigns to make the world a better place.

Remember, our first meeting of 2010/11 is on September 8 at 5pm in Humanities Centre 237.


Last WUSC Meeting of the Year!

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Our last WUSC meeting of the year is tomorrow, April 8th at 6:30PM in HC 2-37. Hope to see you there!


Meeting Minutes Posted!

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A lot was discussed last night so make sure your up-to-date.

Reminder:  Drop by our volunteer appreciation TONIGHT from 8-11PM at Kasbar for Cupcakes (10444 82 Avenue)!


Second Last WUSC Meeting This Thursday!

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Were getting down to the end of the semester and there is still a lot of work to be done, join us Thursday, March 25th at 6:30PM in HC 2-37. Click here to view our meeting agenda. You won’t want to miss discussing our constitution, selection committee, and plans for the future!


Updated Refugee Rights Week Agenda!

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To celebrate the day the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms included protection of the right of refugee claimants in Canada to life, liberty and security of the person come join us in the events of Refugee Rights Week!

Check it out on Facebook through our WUSC, UofA Facebook Group.

Event hosted by WUSC:

Can’t view, click here.

Agenda for the Week:

Can’t view, click here.

Refugee Rights Week is a collaboration of:
Amnesty at UofA
World University Service of Canada (WUSC) at UofA
Red Cross UofA Chapter
Campus Association for Baha’I Studies at UofA
STAND UofA Chapter


Refugee Rights Week

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MONDAY, MAR 29: Refugee Reactions to Canada (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). An panel discussion of our Student Refugee Program sponsored students. Facebook Page.
TUESDAY, MAR 30: Travel Loans Talk (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). Did you know that we expect refugees to pay $10000 after arriving in Canada? Learn more about this policy from the experts. Facebook Page.  
WEDNESDAY, MAR 31: Baha’I Refugee Situation (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). An explaination of this faith-based persecution from Campus Association for Baha’I Studies and special guest Mitra Knight. Facebook Page coming soon!
THURSDAY, APR 1: Environmental Refugees: Screening of “The Refugees of the Blue Planet” (Education South 128 from 6-8PM). Admission is FREE and the proceeds of a concession stand (popcorn/cookies etc) will go to Uniterra’s International Seminar in Nepal, a six-week program giving twenty students from Canada the opportunity to engage in forest sustainability and international development research. Julia Frohlich will be going on behalf of WUSC and the University of Alberta to participate in the seminar this summer! Facebook Page.

For more details check out our latest newsletter by clicking here.


Meeting Minutes Posted!

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Missed the meeting last night, click here to check out the meeting minutes.

Key points from last nights meeting that need action TODAY (see meeting notes for the full details):

-Nomination deadline extended to Tuesday, March 16th at 6:30PM for SRP Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, and External Engagement Coordinator so make sure to hand in your nomination package! We encourage everyone to apply.

-Vote on Doodle for a Pizza/Fair Trade Basket Making party on March 19th after our Wax for Aids event.  It takes five seconds, http://www.doodle.com/qg92a5saxhsif87f.

-Student Group Services Transition Workshop on March 20th from 9-12 (outgoing) or 9-5 (incoming) if you are interested in an exec position next year you will get to learn about Grant Writing, Event Planning etc. We need one more person to attend on  behalf of WUSC to get a free clubs next fall! Registration deadline is Today at 4:30PM if you are interested call Julia at 780-293-2502.


WUSC General Meeting Tomorrow!

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General Meeting this Tomorrow, Thursday at 6:30PM in HC 2-37! Be there to discuss elections, Wax for Aids (March 19th), and Refugee Rights Week (March 29-April 1st).



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You can help spread the word of WAX FOR AIDS and here is how:

-Invite your friends on Facebook by clicking here

-Help us table in SUB from 12-4PM on Wednesday. Email ualberta@wusc.ca if you can make it.

-Get your friends to sign up by handing them pledge form. Print one by clicking here.

-Send out the following note to your faculty newsletter or friends:

Join WUSC on Friday the 19th of March @ 12-4PM at SUBstage to raise money by getting waxed to ensure the ongoing purchase of these vital bicycles for Malawi! 80% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa lives in rural areas where roads are unpaved and are often only footpaths..The situation in rural Malawi, as one of the hardest hit areas of Africa, with respect to AIDS, is dire. Bicycles are the primary method of transportation and volunteers with HIV and AIDS training travel from community to community via this mode of transport to care for those affected by the virus. Throught the use of bicycles health care providers are able to see as many as 5x the number of patients. For more information go to www.ualberta.ca/~wusc.