WUSC First Meeting 2010/11

On August 30, 2010, in Meetings, by admin

Happy new year!

I hope you are as excited as I am for a new and eventful year with WUSC at the University of Alberta. We have several events lined up this year to promote the Millennium Development Goals, social justice, equality, refugee rights, women’s rights, maternal health and more. Be sure to come out to our first meeting on September 8 at 5pm in Humanities Centre 237.

On another note, I recently returned form the WUSC Leadership summit in Ottawa last weekend. It was a gathering of some amazing leaders from across the country, facilitated by wonderful members of WUSC’s incredibly hard working staff. There was training that ranged from WUSC 101 to team building, effective recruiting and some excellent networking. This is only one of several travelling and networking opportunities that getting involved with the University of Alberta’s WUSC Local Committee will get you!

WUSC University of Alberta sends a representative every year to this leadership summit. The representative must be elected to an executive position for the following year in order to be eligible for the summit. This year, I was the representative, and I have brought back both, knowledge as well as resources for an exciting year ahead. Come out to our two next meetings and learn about WUSC, the leadership summit, and what you can do to support WUSC and Uniterra campaigns to make the world a better place.

Remember, our first meeting of 2010/11 is on September 8 at 5pm in Humanities Centre 237.


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