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You can help spread the word of WAX FOR AIDS and here is how:

-Invite your friends on Facebook by clicking here

-Help us table in SUB from 12-4PM on Wednesday. Email ualberta@wusc.ca if you can make it.

-Get your friends to sign up by handing them pledge form. Print one by clicking here.

-Send out the following note to your faculty newsletter or friends:

Join WUSC on Friday the 19th of March @ 12-4PM at SUBstage to raise money by getting waxed to ensure the ongoing purchase of these vital bicycles for Malawi! 80% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa lives in rural areas where roads are unpaved and are often only footpaths..The situation in rural Malawi, as one of the hardest hit areas of Africa, with respect to AIDS, is dire. Bicycles are the primary method of transportation and volunteers with HIV and AIDS training travel from community to community via this mode of transport to care for those affected by the virus. Throught the use of bicycles health care providers are able to see as many as 5x the number of patients. For more information go to www.ualberta.ca/~wusc.


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